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Purity and Power - The Significant Spiritual Energy of Herkimer

For centuries, cultures around the world have used crystals as mediums of healing and strength, and as powerful amulets. Each variety of these crystals and stones possess unique virtues and energies that can be channeled to provide strength to the mind, body and soul. With each crystal providing a distinct nature of energy, crystals encourage positive energy flow, healing and connection.

Herkimer crystal, the most powerful of all crystal quartz, is a new bittersweet favorite. I just can’t seem to get enough of it; I love it in all its shapes, sizes, and hues – the delicate nuggets dancing in linkage, the robust pendants, the brilliant shimmer of blacks and greys tumbled in the stone’s shining clarity. Being doubly terminated, these healing stones have the rare ability to both transmit their own powerful energy as well as receive and amplify spiritual energy.  Incredibly, these exceptionally healing crystals are over 500 million years old.

As the high spiritual energy seeker of the crystal world, Herkimer's distinct ability to manifest purifying and cleansing energies has made the crystal a long time favorite for healing practices. Due to its distinct transparency, it appears to contain an inherent inner light. Being the hardest of the quartz variety, Herkimer holds the strength and durability to withstand difficult spiritual challenges. These qualities allow the crystal to both transmit its own inherent strength and receive and amplify external spiritual energy. 

The Herkimer crystal is an attunement stone, possessing a unique ability to provide a connecting bridge between two energy points. When used in addition to other healing crystals, Herkimer has the ability to magnify and focus these external energies into a direct and tangible manifestation. This crystal's brilliance and high frequency energy facilitates the removal of energy blocks and spiritual debris, while leaving clarity and connectivity in its wake.  

Herkimer is a magnificent and powerful natural material. It’s physical beauty and purity only adds to the immense energy held within this sacred crystal.

During these challenging times, let us unite – we are in this together. Just as it is being done all over the world, let us embrace the POSITIVITY and HEALING of this Herkimer crystal, as well as the goodness and grace that resides within us and in the world. During these times, we must connect to one another and move forward together. I am humbled by the kindness I am witnessing daily – let us nourish ourselves as well as our neighbors and friends, and the world at large.


“There is a creative solution to every problem. Every possibility holds the promise of abundance.” — Deepak Chopra 



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