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The Boundless beauty of Mother Earth

The Boundless beauty of Mother Earth

Mother Nature is my greatest inspiration. All of my creations are influenced by her never ending beauty. I can only hope that the jewerly I create honours her unique and one of a kind nature in some way. That is always my intention.

Throughout my life I have journeyed and wandered across the world. Experiencing new environments - continuously in awe of natures boundless beauty. From the great force of the ocean - to the majestic mountains - the lakes and rivers, forests and jungles - every aspect of this Earth is filled with unique beauty and purpose. From the smallest simple detail to the most grand and wondrous, everything on this planet has its place.

What a miraculous creator she is.

This Earth Day I feel called to honour her, our great Mother Earth. We so easily forget that she is a mother to all of us souls on this human journey.

She offers us unconditional love and acceptance. She is a patient and grounded force and is always willing to give to us without expectation. And she is the ultimate creator - of everything that we hold dear to us.

Let’s remember to honour her today and everyday.

With ❤️ from Santa Fe

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