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Bittersweet Designs by Laurie Lenfestey is a lifestyle brand that is characterized by imagination, creativity, and transformation. Manifested in one-of-a-kind pieces that are familiar yet unexpected, Laurie’s designs are a beautiful juxtaposition of simple and layered. Bittersweet tells the story of a tribe of individuals, revealed in stunning semi-precious stones, pendants, and vintage coins.

The ever-evolving jewelry collection seeks to invigorate the individual spirit, guided by personal stories of growth and discovery. Pieces from the collection can be worn both layered and individually, and have the power to embody a myriad of interpretations.

Inspired by nature and handmade by artisans, Laurie’s creative process is guided by intuition and a desire to empower women everywhere to express their stylish, ethereal spirit with jewelry that caters to each individual. Emboldened by the simple vignettes that reflect the breath of existence, Bittersweet jewelry can be built layer upon layer to craft every woman’s story.

an emotional journey of
discovery and self-expression

laurie lenfestey - founder


Inspiration. From the Latin word “inspirare” which means to “breathe or blow into.” Each handcrafted piece from Bittersweet Designs carries the breath of a moment well lived.

The journey that inspired the birth of Bittersweet Designs began with handmade cards. Cards filled with photo collages carefully capturing moments for family and friends. Creations which included vintage cabochons found while combing through an old warehouses in her native Providence, Rhode Island.

The decorative accents used on the paper creations, eventually inspired a jewelry collection. The collection grew, with Laurie finding inspiration in the places her life takes her. From days spent in her home of New Mexico, where vibrant sunrises abound and hikes in nature bringing changing colors with the seasons. Or on journeys, discovering new treasures, in the Moorish style of Morocco or the sand and shells of a New England summer. Finding treasures and mementoes from life and nature, that can be transformed into a new creation. A creation made of old and new, memories and breath embroidered in their stands.

“I love putting things and textures together, whether it be a dinner party, a home, a vacation or a necklace. Finding the perfect balance is where the magic lives–mixing old and new, pairing the unexpected with the expected, the vintage Ethiopian pendant with Tahitian pearls and sapphires…joining the raw and the refined…Bittersweet is all about finding the right balance.”

Laurie believes in balance and connection. In pouring her heart into each moment of the day. As she moves through her life, she brings a presence and a stillness to notice the world around her. If you visit the studio you will find glass containers filled with buttons, beads, trinkets, amulets...all in plain sight to inspire and create. Creating pieces that reminds the wearer to notice, be present and live a life you love.

“I embrace the fact that you can create a life you love by doing something you love to do.”

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