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~ A Bountiful Year Ahead ~

I am always in the process of creating new Jewelry. Ideas and creative pulses flow through me and sometimes it clicks and other times it doesn’t. It’s a process like everything in life - a Bittersweet process - that I have learned to trust and flow with. 

When I ground into my visions and intentions for the coming year ahead - I feel a call to open my heart, and spread my wings. A feeling of magical abundance runs through my veins. Love, openness, magic, movement forward, reciprocity, generosity - these are the feelings and intentions I am tapping into for the year ahead, for myself and for all of you. 

From this same space The Bounty necklace was created. This necklace consists of a large gold link rope, with generous Keshi pearls and charms dangling in abundance at your neckline. The Keshi pearls come in your choice of bright ivory or soft grey for the perfect twist on a classic. This piece is lavish and lush and is meant to bring in even more vitality and beauty to the wearer, indulging us with its riches -  dripping in sacred and divine amulets, charms and stones with a spiritual nod. This substantial necklace, resembling your grandmother's old charm bracelet, welcomes good fortune and happiness for the year ahead and beyond. 

I strive to bring beauty into peoples lives and I do this through my jewerly. It’s a form of healing for me and it’s a way for me to share my love to an abundance of people. This necklace ~ The Bounty ~ is meant to represent this intention and I hope it brings a feeling of joy to you. 

Bittersweet Designs wishes you a bountiful supply of love this coming year.

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