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Wintering ~ A time for Hibernation

Winter is upon us. The last colorful leaves of Autumn are about to fall, and we must prepare for shorter days of sunlight, and longer nights nestled at home in deep rest. A time to integrate and take stock of what this past year has meant for us. This season of Wintering is my favorite time of year.

Winter brings balance. A time of hibernation, going slower, being present, allowing the days to turn quickly into nights without the fear of losing time. As I reflect on this, I am reminded of a study conducted a few years ago - where a group of Redwood Trees were injected with a chemical similar to Adrenaline, so that the trees would not go into hibernation. 

These mighty trees that normally live for thousands of years died within one year, because they didn’t have a season of wintering. Just like nature, we humans need the same. In our culture, we are expected to be in a constant state of Spring - always blooming, creating and doing. But this is an unnatural state for us and just like nature, our energy fluctuates and our needs change. Instead of pushing and forcing ourselves to be doing and producing, it is important to stop and be present. Rest when needed. Say No. Allow ourselves to step back and travel inwards. Nourish our inner worlds, so when the light comes back and it’s time for Spring again we are ready.

Bittersweet Designs wishes you all a deeply nourishing winter.

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