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New beginnings - Spring of Hope

The month of March brings with it the promise of New life. In the Northern Hemisphere the earth is warming up and preparing herself for new seeds to sprout under the warmth of the Sun. Birds are migrating back home and we can begin to hear there beautiful calls, beckoning us to come out of hibernation.

Image of hand in wheat field with bittersweet bracelets on.

Much like the earth and her cycles of death and rebirth, in March we release that which no longer serves us, to make space for new seeds to sprout. Within our selves, and also within our environments, this process is an important natural cycle that helps us move forward on our destined paths.

We see this reflected in the free spirited tumbleweeds here in Santa Fe. Being uprooted and flowing with the winds of March. Spreading it’s seeds along the earth in hopes they take sprout under the sun, trusting that it will happen as it’s meant too.

Image of Bittersweet Designs necklace coiled around in a circle on a round stone slab.

At this time in our world, we have all courageously powered through restrictions and the foreboding unknowns that await us. But this month brings with it Hope as we reflect on these cycles of life and remember that this too shall pass, and that by working together and maintaining trust and faith - new options, new choices and new beginnings are here for us.

Today, March 8 , we celebrate and honor International Women’s Day - for over a century, the entire world takes this day to honor and celebrate the achievements of women - and our endless contributions and achievements in the world- socially, economically, culturally, politically and now so many of our dedicated women are on the frontlines of COVID. We can take this time to embrace our connection with eachother and the important women in our lives - we can also review what ideas and beliefs can be left behind while we embrace a new version of balance and equality within society and our world at large.

And towards the end of March we receive the gift of the Equinox marking the official start to Spring. The Earth begins to be tilted more toward the Sun, gifting us increasing daylight hours and warming temperatures, which will help encourage these new beginnings.

We, Bittersweet, wish all of you the blessing of hope this March - moving forward with an abundance of love and experiencing whatever new beginnings your hearts are yearning for.



Image of tan wall with flower shadows.  Text on wall says "Flowers need time to bloom."


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