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~ Meditation is an act of self care ~

Meditation has been a game changer for me. It allows me to immediately get out of my head, into my body and grounded in the present moment. Every morning, before I enter the world, I practice Transcendental Meditation - twenty minutes of stillness, silently repeating my mantra given to me by my meditation mentor. It’s the perfect way to start the day - centering me, quiets my mind, and allows me to deep dive within.

As life shifts and changes ~ and as I grow and evolve with it - I realize how important staying in the present moment is - and the importance of self care.

Being in the here and now - is how we access our intuition, inner guidance, our own inner wisdom and a sense of calm. This sense of calm and stillness is what helps us navigate these shifts and changes - staying true to our authentic selves. -  not get lost in the fray of opinions, judgments, demands and other cycles that can keep us out of our body - and out of our inner knowing. 


Shells Santa Fe New Mexico Bittersweet Designs


~ The now moment is potent. And one of the best ways to get there is through meditation. “We are all on a journey to mastering our inner peace” -. Raheem DeVaughn

Meditation doesn’t always require you to sit alone in stillness. I try  as much as possible to walk with intention. To walk in this way, we have to notice each step. Each step made in mindfulness can bring us back to the here and the now. Allowing us to let go of the overactive mind and draw in our energy to be the present moment.


Mountains Santa Fe New Mexico Bittersweet Designs

Being present in each moment and each step.

Being aware of the earth beneath us is a walking meditation~

My daily hikes through the mountains in Santa Fe have blessed me with profound insights. I receive guidance during these walks and feel connected to a greater power that helps guide me through life. 

Taking time for ourselves and really connecting back into our bodies and our breath requires time, patience and honoring the self. This daily intention - is a gift to the soul. 

I also have found that creating an altar for my meditation times indoors has been a beautiful way to express my creativity and spirit. Some say “Your altar is an outer representation of your inner attunement.” 

Santa Fe New Mexico Bittersweet Designs

It’s a way of honoring yourself by having a place that you created with intention, and that represents you. I add my favorite crystals to my altar, with my  Buddhas who sit with me and hold space. I also like to drape some of my favorite baroque pearl necklaces on the altar - this brings in a sense of beauty and calmness and helps me connect back into myself.

Laurie Lenfestey Bittersweet Designs Santa Fe New Mexico

~ Meditation is an act of self care ~

My special Mala necklaces also help me ground into the present and into a mindful prayer. Each bead I hold in my hands, setting intentions for peace, abundance, health and other personal wishes. This act gets me in touch with gratitude for what I have , and what desires I would like to manifest in my life. I always wear my third eye necklace as a daily reminder to listen to my intuition

3rd eye third eye necklace Bittersweet Designs Santa Fe New Mexico

To stay grounded in today’s world, I feel it’s necessary to carve this special time out for self ~ we are all deserving of this and I encourage you to try your own form of meditation ~ whether it be sitting silently or walking in nature.


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