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ArtSmart Benefit

Bittersweet has long partnered with ArtSmart for its annual Edible Art Tour of Canyon Road. As a partner, we get to enjoy good food from local restaurants AND donate to an incredible organization. What’s not to love? ArtSmart is a Santa Fe non-profit that offers arts educational resources to kids in the Santa Fe area, promoting creative self-expression and confidence through art. Partnering with this local organization is a no-brainer for Bittersweet, as much of our inspiration comes from the desire to empower our community. The friendships formed between artist and art-maker are just one example of the empowerment found through creative self-expression at Bittersweet -- Laurie, our founder, and Chenng, our magician and our production manager, are a fantastic example of the benefits of artistic engagement and empowerment…
For our event station this year, we partnered with the Four Seasons Resort at Rancho Encantado. They catered delicious chimayo-chile-infused chocolate mousse with cherry glaze. 
Honestly, it sounds sweet, but the chile taste really lingered. We had several participants leaving the store with spicy-tears in their eyes. 
As more and more people filtered through our store, we were pleasantly surprised to learn that the scope of ArtSmart stretches far beyond the reaches of Santa Fe itself. Some participants had flown in from California or Texas for this event. It was a great chance to meet people from around the country who care, as we do, about the potential for empowerment through arts and art education. 
Aside from serving a good cause, we had a decidedly good time at the ArtSmart event. Amid the rows of sparkling jewelry, we got to talk and laugh about art appreciation, art-making and the unique particularities of the Santa Fe art scene. 

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