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The Sacred Mala

One of my favorite treasures is my handmade, double knotted, Ivory Pearl Mala. 

Every time I wear this natural wonder,  I feel at peace - calm and centered.

Malas have been used for thousands of years by spiritual seekers, in hopes of connecting to the divine. Malas are similar to rosary beads, a Catholic tradition. 

Creating Malas is such a gift - Offering these powerful necklaces to my circle of much loved customers makes me smile - feels so good to hear  about their personal transformations and their daily practices. 

A Mala is composed of 108 beads, pearls, or stones. In Yoga, 108 refers to spiritual completion - and 108 is considered to be a sacred number in Hinduism, Buddhism and Yoga. Malas are used for meditation, worn as a necklace, or wrapped around your wrist several times.  

Regardless of how it is worn - the Mala gains it’s true magic through the wearer's intention.

Mala is derived from the Sanskrit word “jaspamala” and is an ancient tool used traditionally by Buddhists and Hindus, to focus one's awareness and concentration during a spiritual practice, meditation, prayer or reflection.

When the Mala is infused with one’s  personal intentions and energy - it becomes a magnet for one’s  true desires. And the more one meditates and uses  one’s mala, the stronger the bond will become. This deep and grounding connection can then be worn throughout the  day as a constant reminder of one’s intentions and truth. 

My favorite Malas are created with natural crystals and pearls.

This adds another layer to the Malas strength. Each crystal or pearl used carries a resonance that helps to achieve the intentions set. Whether it’s purple Amethyst for manifestation , blue Sodalite for grounding  … white Howlite for cleansing and lightness, or ivory pearl for purity ~ each different bead will offer the wearer a different energy. 

We double knot our Malas by hand for strength and we are sure to infuse each bead with good intentions.

See more of the Mala here.

Each beautiful Mala necklace usually includes a “Guru Bead” ~ this bead is bigger and represents "one  teacher.” Some of my Malas include a magical shard of Kyanite as a guru bead or a more literal version of a  Buddha head.

Do you have a Mala? We would love to hear about your practice and experiences.

Every morning, I meditate for twenty minutes, engaging in transcendental meditation - silently repeating my mantra given to me by my meditation teacher. Meditation, along with my mala, returns my mind to pure consciousness - welcoming inner peace, prosperity and spiritual awakening. This daily habit grounds me, cleanses my mind in the most perfect way, setting the stage for a peaceful and balanced day. 

All my best, always..


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