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Perfectly Imperfect

I am a nature lover ~ I can usually be found hiking mountain trails, walking along the beach, from sunrise to sunset and anytime in between, collecting heart rocks, shells of so many hues ~ but mostly, to no surprise, my favorite layerings of monochromatic ivory and white.



Often, I’m lost in my garden, trying to strike just the right balance of xeric plants of the Southwest and beloved favorites from my childhood back east - double tufted peonies, roses of all shapes and sizes, soft sage fuzzy lambs ears that gift us with pale purple blooms in early summer.


 Most, if not all of my inspiration draws from Mother Nature ~ Sunrise to sunset, I am in awe of amazing creations in Nature  - from the brilliant blue skies of Santa Fe to happy ocean waves and pale foaming waters at low tide to the unending transforming  and many moods of clouds, to the lone flower that finds the energy and strength to push forth through concrete in search of the light ~ Nature speaks in many ways and shows us its vast beauty, blessing us with so many gifts. 


 One of the most important gifts is embracing the perfectly imperfect ~ bitter and sweet...”For without the darkness, one can not see the light.”




Bittersweet Designs is inspired by this dualistic ~ Yin and Yang balance. Pairing matte gold chains with shiny semi precious gemstones, old ancient pendants - vintage ethiopian telsums with new glistening pearls.


Pearls Bittersweet Design

Pearls in particular, of all shapes and sizes adorn most of the jewelry ~ especially Baroque pearls which to me, represent classic beauty with a twist ~ Their unique shapes reflect the essence of being perfectly imperfect. I also love the message behind each pearls creation ~ being formed through what seems to be a bitter experience, a thing of sweet beauty is created ~ when an Oyster feels threatened it secretes a fluid to coat an irritant and through layer upon layer, with pressure and movement a precious pearl is formed. 


~ This beautiful dance of balance between bitter and sweet is what the brand embodies ~


I have always had a deep connection to the ocean as  I grew up in Rhode Island, the mighty Ocean State ~ But my path led me to reside in the high desert lands of Santa Fe. I have embraced this new landscape and decided to bring balance back by creating a showroom on famed Canyon Road to reflect an abundance of ocean beauty ~ with pearls, shells, scents and stones in the midst of the scenic Santa Fe.


Beach Water


I strive to bring balance through the inclusion of many different spiritual symbols in my jewelry. I love learning about as many religions as possible - and weaving and witnessing the many common threads.  Though growing up Catholic, I went to Quaker school.  For my 50th birthday, I treated myself to a solo adventure to explore Morocco and learned more about the TUAREGS of Northern Africa. Although I’ve never been to Ethiopia, I look forward to visiting once the world opens up again - since my very first days with Bittersweet, I've collected and included vintage coptic crosses of all shapes and sizes.



I love to include all amulets, talisman, crosses, third eyes, hamsas,  mother Mary pendants, Buddhas,  astrological symbols in my designs. I believe they all have a place together ~ Each can be included and each has its own unique perspective ~ bringing harmony. 


Mountain Laurie Lenfestey Bittersweet Design


~ So just as the natural world shows us, beauty resides in the balance between everything and everyone, both bitter and sweet, Ying and’s all perfectly imperfect ~

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